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  • Why did I choose this motherboard?

    I selected this motherboard as it is not a gaming MB but is a workstation MB.  The NVR will not utilize a lot of CPU power during normal operations.  As the NVR will be set aside recording video and not used for any other tasks.

  • Why did I choose the CPU that I did?

    Price and usage, as stated in the motherboard question I am only using the computer as my NVR and no other tasking.  The price of an i7 processor is more than the Intel Xeon E3-1225.

  • What does NUC stand for?

    NUC is used by Intel to describe one of their computers.

    NUC -Next Unit of Computing

    A small form factor computer kit manufactured by Intel. Their motherboards measure four inches by four inches. They come with a plastic case and a CPU fan, and an external PSU — the case has no room for an internal power supply.
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