The Replacement Board


This is the board that will be used to replace the PS board that came with the camera from China.  I’ve determined that the system that was installed in the camera is a pre-configured board to work with there CMS system software.  Which in my opinion will not allow me access via the internet from afar.


As you can see the replacement came with a zoom lens which will not fit my housing so I’ll be using the old lens that came with the camera.  Now I have to figure out how the IR attaches to the new board to turn on the IR and remove the IR cut filter.

A brief explanation of a Cut Filter it is a filter that auto moves across the charge-coupled device  (CCD) to block certain IR to give good video during the day.  At night there is a sensor that sends a signal back to the board to pull the filter back at night allowing IR alumination to increase light to the CCD.


“There are also filters which are used in solid state (CCD or CMOS) video cameras to block IR due to the high sensitivity of many camera sensors to near-infrared light. These filters typically have a blue hue to them as they also sometimes block some of the light from the longer red wavelengths.”